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Turf Bubble

Hey guys check out this video. We came across a Turf Bubble at one of the Golf Courses we work with. This is a first-time encounter for our team, this video takes you behind the scenes to witness this unique phenomenon.

Upset Snake Chilling in Drain Pipe With Camera

Mother nature at its finest. This snake was chilling in a drain pipe at one of the Golf Courses we work with and we captured it on video.

Sweeping of Cores Following Aerification

A quick behind the scenes at one of the golf courses we work with; sweeping cores following aerification. This process is essential maintenance that ensures optimal playing conditions.

Recording Air Flow and Temps With Backpack Blower

Check out this quick video where we’re using a backpack blower to measure air flow and temperature at a golf course in San Antonio.

The Effects of Forced Air

Check out this short video where we use a ping pong ball to show the effects of forced air on a golf course green.

How to Take a Core

This quick video just goes over setting up to take a core sample for your golf course greens.

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