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ISTRC Testimonials

"After attending one of Dave's seminars, I instantly knew that his company could help me with my course, and help me they did!!! Dave and the entire crew at ISTRC, went out of their way to accomadate my requests and helped me completely change the health of the turf on my course. I can honestly say, that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for their revolutionary research, which actually puts facts into the hands of the Superintendent, NO MORE GUESSING!!! After looking at the soils and determining that they were fine, we then turned our attention to the drainage lines and discovered that we had an abundance of negative gas backing into the greens. We vented all of our greens and watched in amazement how quickly the greens healed. In areas where we sodded and watched the sod die again and again, we now witnessed the areas heal on their own. We used to get 2 to 3 deseases a season, after venting, we have gone 5 years without a desease. Our fertility use has also dropped by 35%."

Ted Genereux, CGCS
Northern Bear Golf Club
A Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course

"Fort Washington Country Club experiences extreme cold and heat every year. With push up greens they become very temperamental to those conditions. Before ISTRC, every summer our greens would experience some type of fungus outbreak. Our high salts also caused our greens to suffer. ISTRC has helped develop a program that fits our specific needs based on their expertise and scientific data. In the past six years since working with ISTRC we have seen our greens healthier, requiring less fungicide applications, and more tolerant to our extreme weather. I can’t imagine where our greens would be without ISTRC."

Alan Ehnes
Director of Golf
Fort Washington Country Club

"We use ISTRC testing each year on our benchmark greens to track the effectiveness of our cultural practices."

Lee McLemore, CGCS
Director of Golf Operations
The Country Club of Birmingham

"I have used this unique system for the past seven years. The information I have gathered is unique to the ISTRC System and has allowed me to manage the turf much more effectively and objectively than without."

Dean M. Graves, CGCS
Golf Course Manager
Chevy Chase Club

"I use the ISTRC system to monitor the physical properties of the greens on our 27 hole course and have done so every year since 2000."

Bob Bittner - CGCS
The Club Pelican Bay
Naples, Florida

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