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Site Visit Information and Pricing

Members of the ISTRC staff are available for on-site visits involving core sampling and video camera work for the locating of drain lines and drain line inspections. Superintendents have found this tool to be very helpful in assessing the need for renovations or adding more access points to better cool the greens during summer months. Several points our site visits are able to focus on:

Camera Work

  • The locating of drain lines and their exit points
  • The condition of the existing drain lines
  • The ability to map out by distance and surface locator the amount of laterals present to present current as built information
  • The ability to record and present the current conditions in a format presentable for a committee or board meeting

The pricing for our camera site visits is the following:

$3,000.00 for a two member team per day plus travel expenses; (airfare, auto rental, hotel, shipping of camera equipment, etc.). We do not charge for travel days if we are able to fly in the night prior to working. Half days are priced as such when necessary to meet travel plans. A full day of work to us is as long as the client wants to work. We don’t stop until the client feels satisfied.

Coring Work or Reviewing the Report with Clients

In some instances, when clients wish us to personally be on site to take samples or go over a previously written report we are able to accommodate that request. Normally, These tasks are able to be performed by one person of our staff and should be able to be accomplished in one day.

The pricing for our coring or consulting site visits is the following:

$1,000.00 for a one person site visit plus travel expenses; normally we are able to fly in the night prior to coring or the meeting and complete the agenda in one full day’s worth of work.

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