Soil Sample Reports, Data, and Solutions for Sports Turf Professionals

ISTRC Pricing

Full Report


A Complete Physical Evaluation including a full analysis of test results in a detailed written report format.

A complete physical evaluation of a root zone includes:

  • Infiltration Rate
  • Air Porosity
  • Water Porosity
  • Total Porosity
  • Solids
  • Bulk Density
  • Water Holding
  • Inch-by-inch analysis of the Organic Matter Content & Particle Size Distribution, and depth of Root Matt & Feeder Roots

This style also includes time lapse photos of each sample taken to show the density of the material and the effects of previous aerifying procedures. Our Complete Physical Evaluation is strongly recommended for 1st time customers.

Summary Report


For our existing clients, the Summary Report Format will remain the same. For our new clients, this new format will combine and replace our old Summary and Data Only Report styles into one new format that better fits our clients’ needs.

The style will be a modified, shorter version of the Full Report. The report will include:

  • Complete Physical Evaluation
  • Thorough phone conversation to review the numbers
  • Abbreviated written review of the testing.

The time lapse photos will be included at the end of the written analysis, not with each sample’s data. There will be no site photos included with this style.

This style is designed for the repeat client who wants to monitor any changes to their physical properties from the previous year’s testing.

Full 1-Core* Report


This style of report will be consistent with the original Full Report style.

* A core sample represents one 4” depth.

Summary 1-Core* Report


This style of report will be consistent with the original Summary Report style.

* A core sample represents one 4” depth

Particle Size Analysis


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